Two Factor Authentication


Your organization faces an urgent identity challenge. You need to authenticate the identities of users and devices for secure access to networks, applications and buildings. But passwords are too vulnerable, with compromised credentials as the primary cause of serious and costly breaches. Traditional two-factor authentication has an excessively high total cost of ownership — and it frustrates users.

Entrust Datacard™ offers a portfolio of mobile-enabled authentication solutions that provide strong security and fit with the way people prefer to work. Our authentication solution — which can be delivered on-premise or as a managed service — addresses a range of needs, including physical and logical access, VPN access, transaction verification, digital signatures and federation to cloud-hosted applications. There are no passwords to manage and no hardware tokens to carry. Just the convenience and ubiquity of mobile technology.

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Measurable Benefits

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Move Beyond the Pain & Risk of Passwords

Passwords can no longer be trusted to protect your business. Not only are they easy to compromise, but the manner in which people manage them makes them more vulnerable. Our solution allows you to move past passwords to a more secure approach that fits with the way people like to work.

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Invest Wisely, Invest Once

Our authentication platform provides a single management solution for issuing, provisioning, managing and authenticating the digital identities of users and devices — across a broad range of use cases. While you may only have one need today, our solution will grow with you as those needs change.

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Streamlined Access for Authorized Users

Mobile-enabled authentication allows users to access networks and buildings, collaborate with peers and communicate securely — using the devices they carry today. Our solution offers strong security and ensures high accessibility for authorized users.

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Reduce IT Cost & Complexity

Leveraging mobile eliminates the need to purchase dedicated and often costly hardware tokens, and simplifies user provisioning and management as users already know how to download and update mobile applications. The broad range of Entrust Datacard self-service features makes enrollment and activation easy.


Trusted PKI Solutions (2)

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Based Authentication

Apply encryption, digital signature and certificate authentication consistently across a range of applications and platforms with Entrust Authority PKI.

Managed PKI Service

Entrust managed PKI features highly available, fully redundant infrastructure with intelligent monitoring, robust data backup and exceptional disaster recovery.

Strong Authentication (1)

IdentityGuard Two Factor Authentication

Entrust IdentityGuard™ two-factor authentication solution (2FA) ensures strong security for online and mobile transactions and protected access to website, building and more.