Identity Credential Management


The key to success — and enterprise security — is finding a credential management solution that’s flexible enough to accommodate the new world of work and secure enough to protect what’s important to you.

Entrust Datacard™ offers the lifecycle management solutions organizations need to securely and cost-effectively manage a full range of credentials for employees and other authorized users. Our software removes many of the manual processes currently required to re-issue and update everything from smart cards to mobile-derived credentials to specialized PIV technologies. It also offers key capabilities — such as data encryption, key management and certificate management — that make the process highly secure.

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Authentication Platform

Our authentication platform allows us to configure solutions specifically for your enterprise — and deliver them as a hosted service, a managed service or a cloud-based solution. We also offer SDKs that allow your IT and security teams to create tailored solutions. Learn more.

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PKI authority

PKI managed services


PKI solution

We offer the software solutions you need to manage citizen e-IDs after they are issued. Our software lets you manage privileges, re-issue lost or expired credentials and deactivate lost, stolen or revoked credentials.

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Strong authentication

Technical Support

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Measurable Benefits

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Lower Operating Costs

Managing employee, visitor and contract credentials today involves manual processes — and requires the user and the credential to be physically present. Our solution automates manual processes and allows you to re-issue, update, track or revoke credentials anywhere, anytime.

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User Satisfaction Levels

You need strong security, but you can’t create productivity-killing roadblocks for authorized users. Our solution provides the security you need, yet creates an environment of simplicity and accessibility for authorized users.

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Increased Credential Security

Our lifecycle management solution features advanced public key cryptography and certificate management technologies to ensure security throughout the credential management process. Our technologies reduce the risk associated with forged, altered, stolen or otherwise compromised data.

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Flexibility & Investment Protection

Our credential management solutions provide a single point of control for managing physical and digital identities of users across a broad range of use cases. While it can be configured to meet your specific needs today, it can be scaled and expanded to accommodate rapid change.


Strong Authentication (8)

IntelliTrust Authentication as a Service

The cloud authentication service built for the demands of your enterprise
  • Authenticators built for the enterprise
  • Infrastructure integrations
  • Single sign-on/federation
  • Adaptive authentication

IntelliTrust Authentication as a Service

The cloud authentication service built for the demands of your enterprise
  • Authenticators built for the enterprise
  • Infrastructure integrations
  • Single sign-on/federation
  • Adaptive authentication

IdentityGuard Two Factor Authentication

Entrust IdentityGuard™ two-factor authentication solution (2FA) ensures strong security for online and mobile transactions and protected access to website, building and more.

IdentityGuard Virtual Appliance

With Entrust® IdentityGuard™ Virtual Appliance,a prepackaged application and operating system come fully configured and ready to run in a virtual environment.

GetAccess Single Sign-On

Give your employees, customers and partners a single sign-on solution for accessing digital content, data and a variety of online services.

TransactionGuard Fraud Detection Software

Entrust TransactionGuard works seamlessly with Entrust IdentityGuard to create layered security for diverse users and applications. Detect online fraud without invasive integration with existing online applications and step-up authentication controls only when dictated by elevated risk.

IdentityGuard Mobile

Entrust IdentityGuard™ mobile allows you to secure and enable your enterprise with a choice of one-time passcode and certificate-based applications.

IdentityGuard Adaptive Authentication

Our risk-based adaptive authentication solution handles an array of inputs for strong decisions, including device fingerprint, device reputation and area behavior.

Trusted PKI Solutions (2)

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Based Authentication

Apply encryption, digital signature and certificate authentication consistently across a range of applications and platforms with Entrust Authority PKI.

Managed PKI Service

Entrust managed PKI features highly available, fully redundant infrastructure with intelligent monitoring, robust data backup and exceptional disaster recovery.

Digital Signing Certificates (1)

Mobile Device Certificates

Use the Internet of Things to perform authentication and prevent unauthorized access to corporate systems and networks with Entrust Mobile Device Certificates.

SSL Certificates (1)

Certificate Management

Take the guesswork out of certificate management with Certificate Services, a value-add to customers who purchase Entrust Datacard digital certificates.